Saturday, April 10, 2010


A while back I met a homicidal drummer by the name of Jonny on the 11 o'clock comics forums. We discussed creating a comic, he on the writing duties and myself on the art. The following is the result. Straight from Jonny's mind I present to you: Apocalypse...meh.

All feedback is welcome, positive or negative. We need to know because we plan on doing more.

Copyright 2010 Westhoff/Ornelas.


Anonymous said...

Excellent work, guys! Nice sense of pacing, and knowing when to tell and when to show!

I gotta say, I'd be a combination of annoyed and impressed with the water cooler stunt at the end. That can't be easy to set up! :D

Chenine said...

That was entertaining. Very clean artwork Bobgar, great job! It moved at a good pace as well. I had trouble viewing one page, it was just gray all over it, but I was able to read the rest of the pages just fine. The cool thing about hell on earth, is that this has potential to touch on a lot of subjects. I'm happy for you both. Keep it up!!