Thursday, April 11, 2013

Preorder Commissions and Original Artwork Information


Welcome to the “Bobgar needs a lil extra cash this month because he's working the King Bone Press booth at c2e2” commission post! Would you like an original piece of art by yours truly? We’ll all you have to do is commission it. It’s easy, just let me know what you want and I’ll draw it, with a few rare exceptions. All artwork is done with ink/inkwash on bristol board. Below are the basics, if you need something different I’m sure that we can come to an agreement.

*You can preorder any of these commissions but I will likely only be doing the smaller sizes at the convention including smaller $3 sketch cards (trading card size). If you would like the larger size please preorder now to guarantee completion by the convention.

11”x17” Single figure inked. $40.00 Shipping Included*

11”x17” Multiple figures/Team inked. $55.00 Shipping Included*

9”x12” Single figure inked. $25.00 Shipping Included*

9”x12” Multiple figures/Team inked. $35.00 Shipping Included*

4.5”x6” Single figure/headshot. Inked. $10 Shipping Included*

Oh, and please be specific about the iteration of the character you want commissions. For example if you want an illustration of “Sandman” let me know which Sandman (Spider-man’s Flint Marko, Morpheus, Logan 3, Golden Age DC, Punch-Out character, Mystery Theatre, etc. etc) The same thing goes if you want a specific costume that a character wears.

Original Artwork

If you’ve seen a piece of mine that you want to inquire about, please do, there’s a good chance that I still retain the original artwork. Just ask!

Boozehound Strips Original artwork $22.00 Shipping Included*

Please email slurmo at for availability, this offer is only available for Bobgar Ornelas illustrated strips. If you are inquiring about a strip drawn by a guest artist please email me and I will get you in contact with the artist.


Paypal: email slurmo at

Check, or Money Order: Bobgar Ornelas, PO Box 3322, City of Industry, CA 91744

*Shipping is included for United States only.

Monday, April 8, 2013

KIng Bone Press book markers


Here is the design for the book markers that we are having printed up for the KPB booth at C2E2. Come by and say hello we will be at booth 1384. We'll have signings, artist sketches, original artwork, comics, and free promotional materials like these bookmarkers.