Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Boozehounds Premier 1/02/2012

The last thing that the world needs is another web comic, am I right? Well I’ve done a few different ones over the years and this is a stupid idea that I had about 15 years ago and I finally got off my ass and drew up this little…thing. This first one explains the basic premise of the comic. It ain’t gonna get any better than this. I know it isn’t all that good but I’m gonna have a hell of a time doing this.

Now for the fun part! I’m opening this up to submissions! Whether they be just written or both written & illustrated. As long as they fit the dimensions of this comic posted and follows the one panel format I will post them on this blog.* So you think that you can write a better comic strip about two dudes in a bar? Well go for it. We’ll post it here!

Now it’s starting to sound better, right? Now for the legal mumbo jumbo. It’s easy; you submit a script or artwork or both & I post on this blog giving full credit to you. I allow you to reproduce in any way that you see fit, and profit off of your work with the condition that you give proper credit to the strip’s origins. Mainly my name and this web address. Easy right? In exchange you give me the same permissions to reproduce, profit, etc as long as I give you credit for any work that you have done. I will never pay you and you will never pay me. We just give credit where credit is due and keep on keeping on. Sound good? Sweet.

The strip is scheduled to be updated on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays but I’m sure there will be times when the schedule is mucked up a bit. For example due to the holiday this first strip is going up late.

*I’m pretty lenient and tolerant of most subject matters but this is a public non restricted blog so please feel free to use coarse language & what not, but please stick to less than a “Rated R” approach. (aka no porn)

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