Tuesday, May 15, 2012

EOC Sketchbook Challenge (May 2012)

9"x12" ink & wash on bristol

Andy Tom chose the avengers as the EOC Sketchbook Challenge for May to coincide with the release of the movie version of the Avengers. I posted on twitter for people to name one Avenger each. I chose the first three & drew them

Mantis chosen by La Rabbit
D-Man chosen by gobo
Dr. Druid chosen by leafinsectDan

C-Level Avengers Assemble!


jonny the homicidal drummer said...

who the fuck is D-man???

Bobgar said...

Potty Mouth! >:[

leafinsectman said...

Demolition Man. I believe they made a movie?

Bobgar said...

I didn't see that movie. (spoiler)

leafinsectman said...

Wesley Snipes fucks shit up in the future. And apparently nobody has sex anymore. Plus seashells or something.

Bobgar said...

and another potty mouth!

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