Monday, July 28, 2014

Commissions and Original Artwork

I was spending too much time away from the drawing board as I was scanning, coloring and lettering my stories in Bullet Proof Chicken Nuggets so I decided to have a little fun. "Female Thor" was getting a whole lot of buzz and I don't believe all the negative publicity about it. This drawing has no "statement" attached, it's just me having fun. Comics are still fun, right? 

The Luba and "female Thor" mashup seems obvious, but I haven't seen anybody do it yet. If I'm wrong I'm sure the internet will let me know. Oh, one last note. The color palette is about 90% taken straight from Gilbert Hernandez covers. The homage should be obvious, but I just wanted it said publically.

9"x12" Ink on Bristol Board.

Thanks for checking it out,
Bobgar Ornelas

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