Friday, September 30, 2011

11 O'Clock Comics Sketchbook Challenge 90's X-Men FINAL ENTRY


With all the hype for X-Men Schism with all the conflict between Cyclops & Wolverine I think that this is the only fitting resolution to the Schism storyline. Admittedly, I am not reading the title, but all the podcasters talking about the storyline and the confrontation these two men have given me the feeling that they are in love with each other and deeply confused about their feelings. This confusion manifests as rage within the comics, but not when the brush is in my hand! I hope you enjoy the image. It is a subject matter that I haven't explored in comics before.

Ink on bristol. 9"x12"

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Gormagon said...

Well, if this is what one has to look forward to, I am glad I don't read comics.

Good job Bob.

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