Friday, October 7, 2011

Apocalypse...Meh Process


For todays post I thought I'd share a little bit of my process from script to inks and partial letters. This is the first panel to the next Apocalypse...Meh two page short story scheduled to be printed in my self published comic, b-one #6. Jon Westhoff wrote the script as per usual which I included here. Next on the list if the blue line roughs which were hard to show so a turned up the contrast and threshold. Next are the pencils. Since I ink my own pencils I tend to leave them pretty rough. The next step is my favorite! When I ink I add depth and weight to the figure work and put in shadows and fill in blacks. This story doesn't have many shadows, since it is set in the day and is a light comical piece. Next is logo placement which I do in phostoshop. I usually letter my own comics as well, but that step is missing here because I will not be lettering this story.

So that's a very truncated view into my process for a panel. I'd like to note that there would be much more here if this had been my first time depicting these characters, There's be character outlines, roughs etc. Because I was already familiar with the characters and the way they interact I did most of the placement directly on the artboard. I love these characters, I had a lot of fun doing this story.

Well that's it. This seems pretty self indulgent to me but I have been asked for process stuff, so here it is.

Apocalypse Meh Process

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