Friday, January 11, 2013

Bandthology 2 Preview

Color cover artwork by Brian Churilla

Here's two panels from the upcoming Bandthology 2.

"Bandthology II: another music anthology $5 The group returns for a mammoth encore edition with even more content. 44 pages and the same price! 8 stories are featured in this wide ranging love letter to all things music and comics. Fantasy, humor, heartache and pure rock fury. Cover by the amazing Brian Churilla (DB Cooper)"                

Story by Jonathan Westhoff, illustrated by me.

You can preorder (with discount) at DCBS here along with volume one.

Or if you just want to buy Bandthology 1 you can buy direct here.

Thanks for checking out the blog and pardon the self promotion, but I'm really excited about this anthology since the first one came out so well.

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