Wednesday, July 27, 2016

New Comic Wednesday: World's Strongest Mailman

New Comic Wednesday: World's Strongest Mailman

Welcome back to New Comic Wednesday! Once a month on a Wednesday I will post a short story here on the blog for free! Most stories will be 4-8 pages in length but I'm not ruling out longer stories if the story warrants.

A while back I was fortunate enough to contribute to Bryan Boles and Jon Westhoff's World's Strongest Mailman. It's a short story placed in the middle of the over all webcomic story. It was a lot of fun, as is the entire opus. You can still check it out in its entirety at Strongest Mailman and I believe there are still a few of the issues and collected editions available as well.
Check out most of my published works at King Bone Press. We offer both digital and print comics.
Any feedback and sharing of the story is much appreciated.
Thank you. Please Enjoy
Bobgar Ornelas

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