Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New Comic Wednesday: New Boozehounds Strips!

And here's a few classic strips that I did in the strip's original run. 

New Comic Wednesday: New Boozehounds Strips!

Welcome back to New Comic Wednesday! Once a month on a Wednesday I will post a short story here on the blog for free! Most stories will be 4-8 pages in length but I'm not ruling out longer entries if the story warrants. 

All new, never before published comics this month! It's new Boozehounds of course! Boozehounds was my 2012 webcomic that was posted here on this blog. With new strips here now what does that mean for Boozehounds? Well...let's just say there will be some new material IN THE COLLECTED EDITION! More details in a month or so. 
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Any feedback and sharing of the story is much appreciated.
Thank you. Please Enjoy
Bobgar Ornelas

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