Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bandthology Previews

Cover art by Ryan Kelly (local) and panel preview art by Bobgar Ornelas

Hello all. Just in case you didn't already know I am working on a story for the upcoming Banthology comic book anthology. I'm working with my usual writing partner Jon Westhoff and a few other suspect individuals! (some which may have made appearances on Boozehounds as writers and artists).

The reason that I'm writing this is that we as a group need to fund the book before publishing it. We are about halfway to our goal. If you want to preorder and take advantage of our various incentives plese check our chip in here. (it's a similar model to kickstarter campaigns)

The Bandthology blog is here.

Thanks a bunch we appreciate it. We hope that you'll have as much fun reading our book as we had making it!

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