Thursday, March 1, 2012

Creator Owned Day 2012.

I'm told that today is Creator Owned Day 2012. This of course referencing "creator owned" comic books and web comics or just plain old non corporate creative output.

Should I "pimp my wares" as it were to you guys & gals? Maybe. But let me give it up to a minute amount of people doing what they do, the way they want to. This is in no way a complete list but a section of people that I think deserve your attention. Did I miss some one? Let me know in the comments section and I'll rectify the mistake. I will also link this to facebook, twitter & google plus.

Printed Material

Kyle Nolan's mini comics Space Love Robots Brain Dead Phylum & Bedbug are awesome and affordable.

Josh Blair puts out a quarterly anthology and it's the bees knees, buddy! Candy or Medicine

Jon Westhoff, our friends, & my offerings at King Bone Press

Web Comics

They Guys at Strips 4 do great stuff, various web comics/strips. My favorite being Awful Lot

Zack Kruse & Company do their stuff with Mystery Solved Different arcs, with different artists!! Plus the Johnny Appleseed And The Robot Saucermen 24 hour mini comic interlude!

Supernatural Western tales illustrated by the cool as hell Dave Wachter in Guns of Shadow Valley.

CAAATS! by Matt Gross will make you purr (and me sneeze as I'm still allergic).



Daemon Familiar power-pop trio from Chicago.

Podcasts (all available via itunes and the links listed below) Good people, good shows.

The Pull List comics!

Signed In x-box 360!

Earth 2 Podcast comics n junk!

Mostly Mellow Popculture Podcast popculture!

Burnt Weiners comics!

11 O'Clock Comics comics!

Internet Boyfriends conversation!

Double Page Spread comics and food recipes!

The Nabe Society movies!

etc etc etc.

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