Thursday, August 14, 2014

b-one FUNZIES!

b-one FUNZIES! I must have apes on the brain!

Has it really been three months since I last posted a b-one FUNZIE? Unfortunately it has been that long. Fortunately, I have been updating the blogs with other artwork in the meantime. Why take so much time in between strips? Well, I was working on a sequel to last year's Bulletproof Chicken. This time around I decided to color my two stories myself. I learned a whole lot, but of course it was time consuming. It's the busy season at the day job and it doesn't leave me much room to complete more of my King Bone Press commitments.

For more info on Bulletproof Chicken: Nuggets and other KBP books check the website here.

Comic Bastards have a little write up about KBP's Fall line up here.

Please enjoy responsibly and don't feed the monkeys,
Bobgar Ornelas

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