Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Comix Rx: Check these people out!

Some of you may know that I host a comics podcast (Earth 2), some may not. On the show we do a segment called Comix Rx that is intended to highlight a comic that may be below your radar. Since I have been pimping the opening of my store I thought that it was only fair to help out a few of my friends. This is by no means a complete listing, there will be subsequent postings under the Comix Rx banner. 
While the following have all worked with King Bone Press, they do so much on their own. Harry Moyer has curated and compiled three FREE western anthologies, Saddle Sore and has a unique run of mini comics. The Brothers O'Briant have a plethora of web comics and the all ages print series MAPS published through their Strips4 imprint.  John Boren is the hardest working man in non sequential art! He's always on a quest to do the next drawing and I'm happy to say that I have seen him impress me time and time again with the growth of his art. A little birdy told me that he is working on a sequential story so stay tuned.
So here are your links to free stuff and their stores. Take a gander and if so inclined please support the true independents.
Thank ye,
Bobgar Ornelas
Harry Moyer

Saddle Sore

Tim & Jon O'Briant

John Boren

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