Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hardcore Days


A while back I was in a hardcore band. That one didn't pan out as is usually the case with hxc bands of the time, so another band was formed. Nothing groundbreaking or interesting there. We had some great shows, we had some less than stellar shows. What was cool was creating content for our websites, and hxc zines, and flyers. Here's a few comics and comic style illustration that I did for the band and a couple of zines. The two color illos were recolored by me this week. A couple of these were posted as full color or printed in black and white.
I'll post more of this type of work as I find it and scan it. It'll be under the title of Hardcore Days but not all of these are going to be hxc scene inspired. Some illustrations and logos were done for pop punk bands or death metal bands. Some of it I'm not too proud of but it is a part of my life and it's fun to revisit the old days.
Hope you had fun with this trip down memory lane as well. New b-one comic magazine is underway. Look for new b-one FUNZIES web comics next week (if all goes according to plan).
Please enjoy responsibly,
Bobgar Ornelas

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