Wednesday, December 28, 2016

New Comic Wednesday: an untitled comic

New Comic Wednesday: an untitled comic

Welcome back to New Comic Wednesday! Once a month on a Wednesday I will post a short story here on the blog for free! Most stories will be 4-8 pages in length but I'm not ruling out longer entries if the story warrants. 

All new, never before published comics this month! I've been wanting to do more experimental comics as part of my surreal strips. Generally those are "Grasshopper" stories, but as you can see this time around it's more of a progression than story. Still, I use these stories to experiment visually, using different inking styles that I generally don't use day to day in my comics work. Next month will see a return to my more standard approach to storytelling and the return of three of my favorite characters. 
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Any feedback and sharing of the story is much appreciated.
Thank you. Please Enjoy
Bobgar Ornelas

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