Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015 wrap up and plans for 2016

I secretly gave myself a goal of 100 completed pages of art for 2015. This was to be cover art, illustrated story pages and original artwork advertisements. This goal did not include con sketches, commissions, and doodles. I knew it was a giant goal considering I have a full time job and other responsibilities, so I wan't surprised that I came up short. A list of my completed art pages are as follows:

3 Ads featuring new artwork (in color)
3 Comic Book Covers (in color)
45 Comic Book pages (penciled, inked)
8 Comic Book Pages (penciled only)

59 total.

I have the same goal of 100 pages/covers and ads for 2016. I'm hoping to get much closer this year although I will have added distractions. I have resumed producing royalty free stock vector illustrations for iStock, opened a store at Society6, and started doing a little almost daily drawing project. More on the last two on future posts. In order to facilitate drawing more I have finally laid to rest the Earth 2 Program of which I was the host but the Earth 2 Network thrives without me. Check out the shows there, it's a lot of talented cats doing what they love.

Here's some art as well, some I've posted here, some I haven't.


Thanks for reading, as always I appreciate any and all support.
Bobgar Ornelas

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